Monday, April 6, 2009

And Then There Were Five

Sexy May died Friday afternoon. It would have to be the only one I was moderately attached to. I was showing the chicks off to some family members who came for a visit and it seems all the excitement was too much for her. Right there on front of the whole crowd she had a seizure and died. Burned in my memory is my two-year-old laughing hysterically at May's bizarre antics while everyone else held their breath. I'm so relieved that she doesn't yet understand the finality of death yet. That conversation will come later.

Ironically and a bit sadistic I broke my eight year meat fast this weekend. Since I had my mom in town we bought a couple 4lb chickens free of growth hormones or antibiotics and she showed me how to dress and roast them. They were delicious! And the leftovers made some awesome chicken soup which came in handy since the kids and I all have colds.

On the garden front we now have broccoli, spinach, arugula, romaine, black seeded simpson leaf lettuce, ringmaster and scallion onions, and cabbage all up and doing well. So far I am very pleased with the square foot system and can't wait to harvest.


  1. Holy crow! I mean, holy chicken! :-) Don't feel so bad about the vegetarian breaking thingy. I got over it when I married Nate. Now I try to seek out local (when possible), horomone & antibiotic-free meats. We have a good amish-type poultry place just near us with good quality and humane raising methods. Anyway... I need to know where you get the info for your square-foot garden! We are interested in that method. We already have the beds in the back that can be converted easily.

    Peace, Carrie Jo

  2. Try Mel Bartholomew's book called The New Square Foot Garden. You can also check out the website at although I recommend using the website as a tool after you read the book and get started. Happy gardening!

  3. 8 year fast! i need to hear more about this!