Monday, April 20, 2009

Dehydrators are Fun!

A few months ago a friend turned me on to dehydrating. Now I can stock up on produce when it's on sale or in season and I have a way of preserving it and having a way to store surplus harvest is a MUST for survival gardening. Also, we are now always fully stocked with easy and nutritious snacks like apple, banana, and melon chips and homemade fruit rolls-ups. They come out of the dehydrator practically weightless and perfect for those who are inclined to go on long hikes. (I have fallen off the horse since having kids but envy those who are brave enough to drag a two-year-old out for an afternoon hike. Maybe I'll get spontaneously courageous this year ;)

I recently scored a great deal at Meijer on organic mushrooms and carrots. I am still new to this so I haven't used them yet but rumor has it that you can use dehydrated vegetables just as you would fresh by adding a little water and cooking as usual. These could be packaged together in different combinations for soups, etc. and sealed in your Foodsaver to stay dry and ready for making yummy meals on the go. Think camping, road trips, and inexpensive lunch at the office.

Anyone have a good recipe that uses dehydrated veggies? I'd love to hear it!

New to this like me? Check out this book:

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